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Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine

Function features:
It adopts synchronous control skill. The welding time and separate welding are controlled by computer based on windows operation system, which makes the operation more intelligentized. The longitudinal wires are fed continually in coils, which can be straightened, cut, welded, and placed in order automatically.
Then mesh drawing system is controlled be servomotor which inproves the precision of mesh opening size,meanwhile the longitudinal and transversal sapcing are adjustable. The major feature of this machine is that it realizes continual welding in coil wires.
In addition, the Automatic Reinforcing Mesh welding Machine simplifies the process that every tensile spring has to be changed when the welding wire diameter is different. You only need to switch the control button that are cylinders to change the pressure of welding point.

It’s mainly used for highway, railway, bridge, enclosure mesh, concrete foundation reinforcing mesh, construction mesh and so on.

The main parameter

Welding Diameter 5mm--12mm
Longitude wire space  100-300mm  
Cross Wire space 100mm-300mm
Welding width 2500mm
Welding point 26 PCS
Welding Speed 30 times/min
Nominal Voltage 380v 3 
Nominal Power 150kva*6
Exterior Size 2000*3600*2500(mm)

Note: Special type can be made according to client’s requirement.

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